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October 7th, 2009 · No Comments

Liam is now a whopping half a year old!

 Are you looking for the five month post? Yes, I’ve already failed at these updates. Apparently,  the combination of taking care of a little guy, writing an intensive 100-page research paper, and lots of new classes to prepare resulted in a lot of things falling to the wayside. Add this to a complete lack of internet and phone for a week, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster!

 This past month has meant a lot of new things for the both of us, the biggest change certainly being my return to work. For awhile it was looking as though I wasn’t going to find any hours for the new year, but a week before classes went back in session, thanks to friends and colleagues who were looking out for me, I managed to scrape up a bit more than a dozen hours a week. This meant, with time between classes and the time in public transport, Liam needed someone else to hang out with about 25 hours a week. It was difficult, but finally we found a lovely nanny — temporarily. She is moving away at the end of the year, meaning we’re currently on the hunt for someone else, equally lovely at the very least, to step in come 2010. It wasn’t easy in the beginning (but we’ve noticed that with Liam, things are rarely easy in the beginning), but he’s taken to her, as well as the two active two-year-old girls who love to play mini-mommies to him. 

Liam has been turning over for quite awhile now, but recently it has become a real challenge to keep him in any one position for more than the blink of an eye. Changing diapers seems more and more like junior rodeo, with us trying to grab hold of the greased pig, except instead of trying to hogtie him once caught things have to be wiped, lifted, velcroed and snapped. He still enjoys playing on his tummy, but now spends most of his time spinning around in circles because whatever he has in front of him is obviously not as good as whatever is behind him. Especially if what is behind him isn’t actually a toy, but rather what most would consider good for the recycling bin — a discarded envelope, a balled-up piece of paper, or on a particularly good day, an empty, one liter water bottle. I’m so glad we’re drowning in toys!

And not only in toys either. I knew babies required a lot of equipment, but it just seems to keep getting worse and worse. We now have a lovely high chair, which does fold up somewhat although most of the time it just stays unfolded, which takes up a fair amount of space in the living room. We’ve also begun having the conversation — to pen or not to pen. David seems to like the idea of having one secure area for the little guy. I am less convinced, not only by the concept but also by our lack of space to dedicate to such a contraption. We will most likely have to answer the question sooner rather than later though, as Liam is quite motivated by the idea of moving around. He pushes himself up on his hands now (and occasionally his knees, although he hasn’t yet attempted both at the same time). He does manage to scoot himself forward, however, by pushing his butt up in the air by using his feet to push on the ground. It’s very inchworm-like, and not particularly effective as of yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

 Other new discoveries this past month include the doorframe bouncer that a friend of ours loaned. Liam has not quite mastered the skill of jumping as of yet, but he has taken to tapdancing around in circles while giggling. He enjoys tugging on his socks until they come off his feet, then waving them around as if to draw attention to this accomplishment. He has also taken to a “doudou” (the adored favorite object that the French are obsessed about), a lovely stuffed frog with long legs and 80s style legwarmers, which was a gift from a colleague of mine. Frogouille (as he has been dubbed) also goes to the nanny’s for naptime cuddles as well. We’ve already picked up a second one to make laundering Frogouille a bit easier.

 This next month will bring a visit from Liam’s favorite American aunt, the discovery of solid foods, and who knows what else. Let’s make it a good one little guy!

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